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Pipe fitters - OILROM M.V.
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Descriere Job Pipefitting is a demanding work.

OILROM M.V. can provide you skilled pipe fitters to fulfill your needs in construction jobs that involve installing, maintaining and repairing different types of pipes and piping systems. Our agency works with the most skilledpipe fitters to meet all of your construction team needs.

for a project in Kazakhstan (Kuryk field)

Responsibilities of Pipe Fitters:

Able to cut the pipes with oxy-gas torch;
Able to perform a quality bevel;
Able to read and interpret an isometric drawing;
Tack welding points;


Installs pipe for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubricating, sprinkling, and industrial production and processing systems.
Responsible for assembling and installing pipe systems, pipe supports, and hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
Responsible for gathering and aligning pipeline to prepare it for welding.
Order proper pipes and other materials.
Select supports, hangers.
Assemble materials at job site.
Select type and size of pipe.
Turn off steam, water, or gas from pipe section.
Secure pipes to walls and fixtures using brackets, clamps, tools or welding equipment.
Repair and maintain pipe systems and components.
Resolve problems such as obstructions or holes.
Repair cracks and leaks.
Configure pipe routes.
Align pipes in pipeline sections.
Dig trenches with trenching tools and equipments.
Slide pipe into trenches.
Show crane or tractor driver where to move pipe in preparation for welding, using the specific signs.
Insert spaces in between pipes.
Pull out defective or misaligned pipes.
Correct alignments with sledgehammers.
Descriere Companie Activitatea Companiei OILROM consta in recrutare si angajare de personal in domeniul Industriei Gaz Petrol.
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